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#HIITO: High Intensity Interval Time & Transformation Optimization

Introducing HIITTO: “High Intensity Interval Transformation & Time Optimization”

I have decided to name my Life (re)Startup HIITTO which stands for “high intensity interval transformation and time optimization.” Sure, it sounds real geeky but it works for me because it represents the core vision of the problem(s) I am trying to solve. The name also helps keep me engaged and focused. Let’s break it down starting with the end in mind.

(Some stock photography is so bad it’s good!)


As mentioned previously, my life in general is sub-optimal from where I would like it to be. I am working harder and harder when I could be working smarter and smarter. I am over forty so the outputs don’t work like they used to even compared to my thirties. But I have maturity and experience which means optimization has to start with an approach to time and personal transformation. Ultimately, the target is top optimize everything so I can be “semi-retired to serve,” which I will explain more later.


Time is the real precious non-renewable resource here. But this isn’t about time to do more things. It’s about time to do less and remove the obligation of having to manage time for money. Really it’s about rest. Rest comes in the form of spirit, soul and body. I do none of these very well at the moment. But spiritual rest is highly misunderstood in religious circles. This is where I am most interested. I am looking to optimize time to achieve a state of perpetual spiritual rest. Sounds good right?


Again, this is about spirit, soul and body. Body transformation is straight forward. The desired result is to be in the best shape of my life by age 50. This gives me nine years to optimize my body. Soul transformation consists of relational and emotional maturity. I am thankful I got a jump start on this over a year ago by diving into emotional intelligence development. But there is still much work to be done. Finally spiritual transformation is very important to me and is the foundation of all I do.

High Intensity Intervals

A while ago, I became interested in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). There is a ton of great practical research and data out there to support HIIT. The entire premise of HIIT is time optimization, using science, to understand how the body is designed for exercise. Time being the number one excuse I have for not working out. The other day I was thinking about HIIT and began to see a correlation of principles between exercise and other transformation opportunities, especially when it came to varying the levels of intensity in other activities.

For example, Intermittent Fasting has become very popular these days. A version of this is Time Restricted Feeding. Both to me are nothing more than varying the intensity intervals of eating using time to optimize the health benefits. This opens up a whole new world in my mind. While HIIT and IF/TRF applies to the body, what if the same principles can apply to soul and spirit? For example, can there be “high intensity interval learning”? The evidence is there that our brains can be optimized to learn more in less time. To push the envelope further, can high intensity interval meditation be a thing? I may sound like a mad scientist here but I plan to find out. And since this is my Life (re)Startup, I can pretty much do whatever I want (snarky tone) right?

Let’s see where this goes.

Finally Got On The Scale

I felt genuine fear of getting on the scale to see my starting point. Good news is I don’t weigh as much as I thought. I feared I would weight more than I ever have but, thankfully, this is not the case. Bad news is I am pretty darn close. That’s OK. I shared my feelings of shame with my wife Tae-Young and she proceeded to make me a green smoothie (yay and yummy). I am still dealing with some emotional inventories but shortly I should start putting some of this HIITTO to work on the old body!

Stay tuned!