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#HIITO: High Intensity Interval Time & Transformation Optimization

About Me

I had lost my entire net worth and told my wife the bank just foreclosed on the house.

I remember that night like yesterday. It was 2009 and one of the most difficult years for our family. A year earlier I was working as the COO of a publicly traded company. And then the recession began and we lost millions in market value until being forced to shutdown. Needless to say our partners and investors were not happy and did not like me very much.

But nobody disliked me more than I did.

My experiences and decisions during the economic crisis changed who I was—in pretty much every negative way. It was an important time for introspection. Facing this reality I asked myself one important question:

Why do I do what I do?

With that question, I began a pivotal journey to this very moment. After extensive research into the social science of intrinsic motivation, I created the MDNA assessment (you can take it for free) and started the MDNA Institute, which is a non-profit social business and leadership think-tank.

During that time, I also found myself in Nicargua for two weeks of medical clinics and feeding villages. I would go back for another four years bringing teams of volunteers, students and doctors.


Everything was going great until…

They say that we are all defined by iconic moments in our lives. More often than not, these moments involve great challenge and hardship. For me it has been no different.

In the summer of 2016, during a conversation with my brother, I discovered the reason I had very few memories of my childhood up to about junior high. I had fleeting glimpses of experiences with my father, but in particular, there are absolutely no memories of my mother. I love both of my parents dearly today. But it turns out I was subjected to some serious trauma from my family. This would explain a sad history of personal dysfunction and negative patterns, that I could never quite shake, that seemed to be repeating in my own children.

It was time to embark on another phase of self-discovery and responsibility.

Although I consider myself of devout faith, I quickly learned that spiritual maturity and emotional maturity are two entirely different things. It was time to focus on developping emotional intelligence. The results have been transformational which led me become a certified life and executive coach specializing in how emotions impact the brain. My marriage and relationships with our two boys have never been better. And the insights gleaned from brain science were quickly integrated into the MDNA framework for version 3.0 called “True Joy”.


I monetize vision.

To this day, I experience the most joy when helping others monetize their visions. This spans from helping idea entrepreneurs to creating strategies for brands and startups. As a serial entrepreneur myself, I emphatically teach all the techniques, from personal experience, to help clients avoid what happened to me during the economic downturn. I am privileged to work with an ecosystem of like-minded thought leaders and mentors, making this network available to anybody.

Are you synchronized?

For me, the definition of synchronization is when your purpose, passions and potential are aligned for professional success and personal fulfillment. To achieve synchronization however, you must also address your pain—like I did, the hard way. So, although monetizing vision is what I strive to do, synchronized is what I desire to be. When synchronization is coupled with the right priorities, such as your beliefs, marriage, family, work and community service (in that order), nothing can stop your success and fulfillment.

Do you want to be synchronized? I hope you do!

How can we create value together?

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