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20 Lies We Believe #1: “I Must be Perfect”

Have you ever met a perfectionist? Maybe you are one. Very rarely do people go out and tell themselves to be perfect. But quite often, when someone demands perfection from others, they are believing in this very deceptive and powerful lie themselves.


“I must be perfect.”

This lie boils down to expectations from others that have become expectations we believe ourselves. Typically, if we have grown up with performance orientation in our families, we can suffer from this lie.

Our society is crammed with perfectionism. From the perfect body to the perfect relationship and job, it is common to be fed this lie for commercial exploitation. New Year’s resolutions are especially susceptible to perfectionism. Social media tends to make things worse as social feeds become jammed with “perfect” moments from happy experiences like vacations, engagements and personal milestones. Nobody ever uploads a selfie during an emotional breakdown do they?

You may not be actively repeating this life to yourself, but that doesn’t mean we can’t believe it in different parts of our lives. The slippery trap is perfection is different for everybody. Sometimes we are sold on a perfect trajectory, like a career path or life plan. Whatever it is, you may be able to achieve professional success in certain areas, but the areas of your life that just aren’t perfect (nor will ever be), will drain any personal fulfillment. It simply takes too much emotional energy to pursue perfection based upon expectations because it is simply impossible.

I was taught a long time ago, it’s about direction not perfection. Well, I have also learned that sometimes my direction is far from perfect as well. The fact is, I take myself way too seriously most of the time. This comes from believing this lie.

Let’s stop. We can be perfect in our imperfection. The rest of this list will help.

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