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How to Build Authentic Intrinsically Motivated Community Part 2 #MDNAi

In my last post I went off a bit on how I, as a UCD, approach community, particularly in the context of family and love. Now, let’s take a more stable approach to MDNA and community without my ranting and raving. This is how we can all work together. And if you are a leader, how you can engage each member of the team on an intrinsically motivating level.

#mdnai MDNA

When using MDNA Cloud to asses a team’s culture, we measure six dimensions of culture. One of them is community. We measure community, in the context of organizations, as:

The potential ability to build and sustain engaging, purpose-driven and holistic community culture.

The healthiest communities, if you want intrinsically motivated communities that is, need all MDNA gifts to reach maximum potential. Every organization can benefit from taking a community approach to their culture. Some gifts are more naturally wired for community than others. But all have the opportunity, and actually obligation if you are on the team, to contribute. Here is brief synopsis on how each gift approaches community in an organizational culture.

1.  UCD

Of all profiles requires least amount of social connection. Leads and builds community through principles and convictions. Fixes problems and creates strategies. Accounts for liabilities.

2.  SSA

Leads and builds community as a servant leader. Works well supporting other leaders but can also nurture junior positions. Meets needs of the group without being prompted. Most patient.

3.  KWR

Leads and builds community through education and training. Can manage and transfer knowledge effectively. Emphasis on tradition. Doctrinal influence. Emotionally safe and unimposing.

4.  EIA

Exists for social connection on macro-scale. Leads and builds community through maintenance of networks and quickly identifies opportunities. Master at communication and influence.

5.  CVS

Most independent and private of all profiles, yet networks community well. Can connect community despite ideological conflict without alienating. Provides resources. Focus on legacy.

6.  DLF

Leads and builds community by providing institutional order. Only profile with natural ability to implement consequences and allow others to experience pain to mature. Requires loyalty. Desires freedom for all.

7.  IAF

Exists for social connection on micro-levels. Leads and builds community through engagement and experience. Draws the best from all other gifts. Intuitively seeks holistic group alignment.

Again, this is only a synopsis we include in our MDNA manuals. I could take another seven blog posts giving examples for each gift and how to manage everybody more effectively for culture. But for now, this was an introduction. If you would like to learn more, drop me a comment or contact us.

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