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Ed Kang & MDNA Featured on Fresh-Oil Podcast with @Billy_Delaney

I have been interviewed numerous times. This podcast was different. Billy, a long-time friend (even though we have never met which is the great part about social media), gave me an opportunity to share about life and MDNA in a way that I don’t get very often. We got to talk about my heart and why I do MDNA the way I do. A lot.


Billy is doing something very unique in terms of the nexus between professional success and personal fulfillment using social media. More specifically how can you be spiritual and relevant today–especially under the microscope of popular culture and opinion? Fresh and oily indeed!

This was a distinct please and I am sure you will be seeing more collaboration between us in the future. Check out Billy’s website and story. Just like me, you will be better for it.

Listen/download the podcast with me and Billy here >

One response to “Ed Kang & MDNA Featured on Fresh-Oil Podcast with @Billy_Delaney

  1. Billy Delaney February 29, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Ed, thank you for this mention. I thoroughly enjoyed the chat we had on the podcast and show. Yes, I think we will be doing more together. I found out I am a KWR/ EIA. What a fit, exactly me! Again thanks, and looking forward to more…

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