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How do you relate? Are You Linear or Non-Linear? #MDNAi

Have you ever realized how differently you relate and think compared to some others?

It can be frustrating. You can feel misunderstood. This is similar to having different learning preferences. Sometimes people do not see eye-to-eye. The biggest differences can be how we relate to each other and how some think linear and others the complete opposite. I encountered this in a few situations today. It happens between me and my wife all the time. So I began contemplating how MDNA can help explain this and how we can better work together.


The MDNA Spectrum

First, let’s start with understanding that the MDNA gifts exist on a spectrum. The order is important. In the number one spot you have the UCD (Unyielding Conviction & Design) and in seventh the IAF (Intuitive Alignment & Fulfillment). Since UCD and IAF are the furthest from each other on the spectrum, they are also very different in purpose and preferences.

Relational Spectrum

A good example of how this spectrum is useful is looking at how relational each gift is. On the left, the UCD is the least relational of them all. It’s not that the UCD cannot have relationships. It’s just that they do not need as much social engagement from others to be effective. In fact, they prefer to be alone–especially to recharge.

Therefore the IAF is the complete opposite. They must have the highest social engagement to really fulfill their purpose, passions and potential. Here is a summary breakdown:

  1. UCD – Least social engagement necessary as stated (but can abandon relationships very easily based upon ideological differences)
  2. SSA – Only needs people in so far as to meet needs and serve others
  3. KWR – Need social engagement to teach and loves sharing information with people
  4. EIA – Needs more social engagement to connect people (as many people as possible but does not need to go deep with everybody)
  5. CVS – Although acts private and independent, they love working with people and take a social legacy approach (generations of people)
  6. DLF – Needs lots of people and social engagement to build and grow with the highest desire to see everybody thrive
  7. IAF – Requires highest degree of social intimacy, not in terms of numbers, but in depth of relationships (but can end up being exploited and break boundaries reacting sensitively to the feelings of others)

Thinking Spectrum

I realized today that this also applies to linear versus non-linear thinking. This isn’t fully developed but here is a possibility that I believe our collective experience has already validated:

  1. UCD – Prefers linear thinking the most in order to organize chaos, solve problems and create strategies (but can end up suffering from tunnel vision)
  2. SSA – Thinks linear in terms of what needs to be done next starting with short-term needs and goals
  3. KWR – Has the ability to teach linear and make information easy to process
  4. EIA – Can communicate linear but sees people in terms of relational circles of opportunity to connect
  5. CVS – Looks at opportunities in a circular fashion preferring not to take the direct approach and be creative
  6. DLF – Sees all the moving parts and can create systems to handle non-linear functions and growth
  7. IAF – Consistently thinks circular seeing all details at once; past, present and future (but can end up being overwhelmed)

As a UCD myself, I am constantly having to take responsibility for how different I can be from others on this spectrum (a post on this in particular coming soon). Understanding the spectrum and the related differences across the gifts is one way we can all learn to be more effective working together.

Anybody want to share their own experiences with this? What do you think? Are you relational or un-relational? Linear or non-linear?

One response to “How do you relate? Are You Linear or Non-Linear? #MDNAi

  1. jesusgetstheglory777333 February 15, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    Try a Relational Thinking and Work spectrum. The Work would be UCD- All they need is a white room a notebook and a pen. Research and Design. SSA- Enjoys cooking cleaning and meeting physical demands. Needs a comfortable environment to meet physical needs. KWR- Needs a classroom to be able to present ideas quickly and effectively. EIA- Big stage for plays and acting. Movies for social interaction. And parties for social gatherings. CVS- Usually attuned to the physical work ethic and gathering resources. Needs a workshop. DLF- Needs a office and a team to lead and to synchronize to accomplish a big task. IAF- Needs a therapy room to get into the emotional healing aspects of life. (Positions for Work- UCD- Research Scientist, SSA- Cleaning Company, KWR- School Teacher, EIA- Actor or Public Speaker, CVS- Landscaper or Plumber, DLF- Company Management, IAF- Massage Therapy.

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