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What we Learned About MDNA from the Super Bowl #MDNAEIA

Broncos win!  As you can see, me and the kids were on the right side of the victory (Minnesota Vikings winning would have been better). Now we have that out of the way, there are some key MDNA takeaways from the big game and NFL–especially if you are an EIA.


EIA – Empowering Inspiration & Attraction

Professional sports is about publicity and entertainment just as much about playing being an athlete. When it comes to the spotlight, no MDNA gift is better designed than the EIA. The EIA has the ability to make a social experience out of everything.


Cam Newton

Cam Newton is the reigning NFL MVP. If you watch him, you can see he is a special athlete. There are things that he can do physically that very few have done before in a total package. Nobody is arguing that.

What Newton came known for this season went beyond his play. He is known for his constant smile, outlandish fashion sense and his dance celebrations–specifically “dabbing.” If you don’t know what dabbing is, go Google it. Newton took an obscure dance move and made it mainstream and social media trend (Betty White does it!)

There is another EIA that did the same in football. Tim Tebow was known for “Tebowing” which was taking a knee while placing your a fist to your forehead like you were thinking. In Tebow’s case it was praying, representing his faith. Both, the stance and his faith, became national stories. And just like dabbing, everybody was Tebowing all over social media (even President Obama did it and South Park made fun of it).


Thick Skin

EIAs can definitely attract the social spotlight. They are designed for this. But with the spotlight also come all the critics. This is what the EIA needs to understand. In a world full of internet trolls, mobile devices, Photoshop and tweets, people can be really mean. It’s sad really. But in order for an EIA to be successful, they need thick skin because that spotlight can burn.

Case in point, right now there is huge criticism being volleyed at Cam Newton. He was definitely humbled. But not because he played bad. But because Denver’s defense was THAT GOOD. It takes a team to win. Unfortunately when the spotlight shines on one person, so does the blame. The same happened for Tim Tebow. The media loved him. The critics tore him apart.

This is where EIAs can struggle because they so desire to be liked by people. They need the social feedback in order to fulfill their intrinsic motivations and social DNA. Again, this is where a soft heart and thick skin are crucial.

Don’t Rely on Raw Talent

Everybody is good at something. But being just good is not enough if you want to really become great. This is why we all need to invest in our talents and hone them to excellence. The EIA can be just as talented as everybody else. But the EIA tends to rely on raw talent to get by; which is OK if you want to be edge out mediocrity and settle for that.

The EIA does this typically because they attract so much attention for their raw talent. This can create the illusion of expertise and achievement. And when the EIA does fall short, they can fall into the trap of talking their way out of it based upon intentions to perform. The most immature of EIAs won’t take responsibility for black and white results . And, even worse, they keep finding new social circles that will only say what they want to hear.

Tim Tebow is learning this the hard way. He hasn’t played in the NFL for years, even though he led his team to the playoffs. He has been cut by multiple organizations. Physically he is built like a gifted linebacker. He won a Heisman trophy in college. Yet as an NFL quarterback, raw talent and past accomplishments are not enough. To Tebow’s credit, he is using his gifts as a broadcaster and continues to be a positive public face for professional sports. Many NFL players have said they think he is one of the best team mates and locker room leaders. That says a lot about Tebow’s character.

Newton has grown in this area the most. If you look at his previous seasons, you can see his development. It’s awesome and it all came together this season. He didn’t have the supporting cast other quarterbacks have had. But he honed his skills so much that his level of play compensated for any team weakness. That’s why he is the MVP and one Super Bowl loss won’t change that.

Maturing in Solitude

Cam Newton wears his passion on both sleeves. It showed all year but most after his loss at the post-game new conference. He walked out abruptly. You could sense the wolves wanting to pounce and rub his face in it. It was already happening on social media. This is where Newton showed his current level of maturity as a person. I won’t question Newton’s character. He has a charity that helps kids and gives every touchdown ball to a child in the front row of the stands.

What I am highlighting is resilience. Resilience is how much negative input you can take while still maintaining a positive output. Resilience is the fruit of growing character.

In a few years, Newton will handle the same situation differently if he is willing to grow from what happened on Sunday. That’s what every EIA needs to do; grow in character and resilience. Actually everybody, all gifts included, needs the same. But the way an EIA can do this is solitude.

When an EIA is willing to embrace solitude, they develop the character to engage the multitude. The more self-aware they are through being alone, the more resilient they can be. This is when the EIA can step back from the social spotlight and find their personal worth outside of opinions of others.

Character is what you do when nobody is watching. But you grow character by knowing who you really are when nobody is there to tell you. You will never grow character by listening to people that just say the positive you want to hear. At the same time, you won’t grow by listening to all the negative either. Character comes from deep within what you really believe about yourself regardless of the opinions, positive or negative, of others.

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers will be back. Maybe less dabbing. Definitely more humility and most assuredly, more character, if they stay on the right track. Newton and Carolina should enjoy the journey and deserve a lot of credit.

With all the said, congratulations to Peyton Manning. Please retire. (You can read Manning’s MDNA profile here.)

And go Vikings! (Had to throw that in.)

One response to “What we Learned About MDNA from the Super Bowl #MDNAEIA

  1. Bonnie Dyck February 9, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    Great family moment – building into each others lives! Isn’t it these types of shared experiences that create strong ties? The ability to look back on this moment in time – and recall, “do you remember when” and celebrate the growth in relationship.

    If there was ever a game where you wanted two main players to walk away with a win, this was it! …Newton, because his focus is on using his resources to benefit others and Peyton because his responsibility to his team was about character and impacting the trajectory of a person’s life.
    Both men would grow as a result of win or loss. These are two people with a desire to leave legacy. Congrats to Peyton and your courage to state what you are living for! Congrats to Newton for being willing to forge ahead, even when things don’t go your way. I’m not a football fan, and I don’t typically watch the “big game” – but I’d like to watch Newton play again!

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