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#MDNAi Featured on Intentionally Wandering Podcast by @jeff_wandering

If you’re going to listen to any podcast that shares the spirit of MDNA, check out Jeff Sandquist.

What does it mean to “intentionally wander?” It starts with not just asking the question “How to?” but rather “How about?” This is what I recently learned from Jeff who has been a friend to me and the MDNA Institute for years. You could call him an MDNA super user. Jeff also has a very unique way of interviewing his guests and getting down to the core WHY. It’s personal and fun. To listen or download, click here.

We did a profile on Jeff just over a year ago. Here it is again. For those of you that want to explore being an Idea Entrepreneur using social media, you can take a page out of his book.


Jeff Sandquist – UCD/KWR – “Not All Wanderers are Lost”

It doesn’t take much to make Jeff Sandquist (@jeff_wandering) a little snarky (not to mention by being “honest to a fault” as he would tell you). But this is snarky in a good way. That’s because Jeff’s MDNA is UCD/KWR (Unyielding Conviction & Design / Knowledgeable Wisdom & Responsibility).

At first encounter, Jeff seems just like any other faculty member at the local university. He teaches anatomy, physiology, and pretty much anything else within his domain of expertise stemming from his previous career as a chiropractor. Jeff is also passionate about coffee, bacon and books. This trifecta of affectionately unrelated topics serves as the title of his personal blog where he espouses a concept he calls, “The art of intentional wandering.” This is where things get interesting.

The UCD is best known for being black and white in regards personal convictions and ideologies. The art of intentional wandering is an ideology based upon Jeff’s personal conviction of how we should approach the world. Therefore, if you ask Jeff what really gets him going, the answer is blunt, cranky and right to the point.

Jeff wants to teach people how to think—really think.

This thinking leads to feeling and then taking action which is the potent potential when combining the UCD and KWR gifts. What this intentional wanderer shares from his heart, he hopes will, “resonate with you, help you, guide you, challenge you, educate you, hell even frustrate you, and so much more.” (It doesn’t get any more UCD/KWR than this statement.)

The UCD never settles for status quo or, even worse, legalistic traditions. Just because something is being done the way it always has been, doesn’t mean it is right. To the UCD, principles are far more important than how people feel. This is clearly the case for Jeff when you hear his hilarious anecdotes of family gatherings and social functions. To Jeff and all UCDs, there is a limit to how much social interaction one can take—especially if there is no real strategic purpose to it.

Where Jeff has chosen to express his UCD convictions is through the KWR, his secondary MDNA. The KWR is best known for validation of information and knowledge management. Jeff is a voracious reader and synthesizes concepts and principles like a wood chipper in a forest. He is currently completing his master’s degree to show for it.

This is why, as Jeff admits, when teaching anything, he prefers to present volumes of notes and data. Afterwards, he is content to leave the student alone to then critically think for themselves. The KWR prefers to take this approach which counterbalances the UCD’s proclivity to “force a revelation.” We are sure Jeff has learned from the pros and cons of both UCD and KWR delivery styles.

Another interesting ideology adopted by Jeff is the pursuit of lifestyle minimalism and simplicity. This conviction makes Jeff a subject matter expert in related areas of discipline such as nutrition. It’s not surprising when a UCD/KWR tells you they have embraced the Paleo diet (look it up and you will immediately see what we mean).

It didn’t take Jeff long to process the ins and outs of MDNA once he got a hold of it. In our coffee time with him (there were books, but no bacon), we quickly realized his advanced level of personal awareness and unabashed integrity to specific approach to life. Undoubtedly, the more UCD/KWRs like Jeff live their design, the more the world can be enhanced through principles and knowledge.

Don’t forget to check out the MDNA podcast and visit the Intentionally Wandering site!

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