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IAF Celebrity: Donna & Rachael (Suits) #MDNAIAF

If I had to complain about two characters in Suits it would be Donna and Rachael. Mainly because they have so much unexplored potential. Yet, when it comes to MDNA, they are written as pretty much the same characters only to play opposite of Harvey and Mike respectively. Let’s take a look.


Rachael & Donna – IAF/SSA

Rachael and Donna work in support roles, both in the law firm and as show characters. Unfortunately, this is where the “hot assistant” and office romance tropes run a bit stale. But, when it comes to the real world, we can learn a few things about the IAF/SSA.

IAF (Intuitive Alignment & Fulfillment)

Just as we learned with Mike Ross, the IAF is emotionally complex, sensitive and very compassionate. They are fiercely loyal to those most intimate to them. This means when their friends are offended, the IAF is also offended on their behalf. Donna is this to Harvey and Rachael to Mike. Being loved by IAFs like these fine ladies is absolutely nothing to complain about.

The IAF also operates in intimate ecosystems. They have circular methods of thinking that allow them to see every detail to achieve professional excellence. Donna always exhibits an uncanny intuition to make things happen. And Rachel always knows what people are feeling all around her. Their personal ecosystems empower other people’s ecosystems. This makes them great at their jobs. This is also where the SSA is typically secondary to the IAF gift in support type roles.

SSA (Sacrificial Service & Authority)

There is a big difference between helping people as an IAF and serving people as an SSA. Both sacrifice. But the IAF will help people to make people feel happy and fulfilled. Whereas the SSA serves people simply because it needs to be done. Both Donna and Rachel help Harvey and Mike, but deliver this help through serving others. This is why the SSA is their secondary gift.

Between the two, Donna is much more mature as an SSA secondary. She understands servant leadership and the authority that comes with it. She wants nothing more than to build a platform of success under Harvey. Where Rachel seems much more self-serving in terms of her own feelings and desires.

If I was to really stretch this, I would say that, professionally speaking, each of these ladies has some upcoming issues they need to overcome. In this way they are opposite. Donna needs to get over her constant sacrificing for Harvey. Her heart always gets in the way. She has achieved professional success but the personal fulfillment is lacking because of her pining for Harvey. Rachael on the other hand is finding personal fulfillment in a relationship with Mike. However, she is trying to find herself in terms of professional success, especially in the shadow of her father who is a very accomplished lawyer.

Eventually, I believe both Donna and Rachael will take a major leap into their own character arcs. We can see if they remain true to their MDNA gifts then.

That’s it for Suits week! What did you think?

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Ha!)

Fictional characters also can have MDNA profiles. Typically every great character is based upon somebody in real life, except the persona and core traits are amplified. This makes learning the principles of their MDNA profile much easier and a valuable exercise. Not to mention it can be fun and entertaining.

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