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#HIITO: High Intensity Interval Time & Transformation Optimization

CVS Career Development: What Jobs Fit You? #MDNACVS

If you are a CVS reading this, I will make this simple. You are good at everything and can pretty much be successful in any career path you choose. I mean it. The real question is, will you be fulfilled doing it?


CVS: Compelling Value & Stewardship

This will be short and sweet. I have met successful CVS in pretty much every industry. Doctors, musicians, accountants, teachers, entrepreneurs, managers, analysts, sales, etc. You name it. The reason for this is simple. The CVS is the most diverse and flexible of all the gifts. I am not kidding that the CVS can literally be successful at anything. But pay attention for a moment. And if you are hiring a CVS, you really need to pay attention here as well.

Will it Fulfill You?

This is the rub. The CVS needs to know they are getting maximum value out of their time and resources. And this is a very personal thing. That’s why it is hard to peg if a CVS will be fulfilled in a certain career or not.

For example, I know a teacher who is excellent at her work, but because she is a CVS, questions whether it is the right career. I spoke at length with her about a career shift. She felt she could get ahead and be more fulfilled in a completely different industry. To her, teaching was not the best use of her personal time and resources. But to another CVS teacher, teaching was the maximum opportunity to generate ROI by educating young minds. It simply all depends upon one’s core beliefs.

I worked with one CVS that was a project administrator. She was very unhappy in her role because she didn’t feel like she was being maximized for her abilities. She was excellent at her role but was not engaged. This led her to get in a lot of trouble for overstepping her boundaries and threatening other project managers. So she took up other side jobs like being a fitness and yoga instructor. It wasn’t until she moved to a company that granted the freedom to use her complete skill set, she felt engaged and her job was worth it.

This also applies to people. Some CVS can feel engaging with people is a waste of time when work needs to be done. So they stay very private and cold. While other CVS managers love investing in people as their most precious resource. Again, it all depends on what that CVS finds fulfilling.

If you are a CVS, it is completely valid to measure the ROI on your time and resources. There is nothing wrong with keeping score, especially when it comes to money or compensation. Just accept that others are not wired like you are. Your intrinsic battle will always be more on a personal level. Self awareness is key for career development for you. But as far as actual careers are concerned, the sky is the limit.


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