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#HIITO: High Intensity Interval Time & Transformation Optimization

KWR Career Development: What Jobs Fit You? #MDNAKWR

The KWR is more than just about information and academics when it comes to careers. As a matter of fact, in today’s data driven world, we need the KWR more than ever.


KWR: Knowledgeable Wisdom & Attraction

Yes, the KWR is known for being information driven and can thrive in academic fields like teaching or research. These are natural paths in terms of jobs. Anything that has to do with handling information and knowledge management is right up your alley.

But the KWR can go much deeper. As a lifelong learner, there is major disruption going on in the academic world. Education is evolving so traditional academic routes are not the norm. But the KWR has the intrinsic motivation and social DNA to have a distinct advantage here. Why? Because there is so much data and information in the world, and we all need a way to navigate it.

Perfecting Precision and Responsibility

The KWR has the core competence of being precise and the ability to apply this precision in refining anything they put their hands to. For example, when working in product development, the KWR will raise the bar and push the performance of that product. They just make things better. This can also apply to information. For example the KWR is an amazing fact checker or editor. In fact, I typically rely on KWRs to push me to refine ideas when writing books or ensuring strategic reports are on the money.

At the same time, the KWR can have a profound impact when it comes to social issues and leadership. First, the KWR is very emotionally safe and approachable. They can research and present options to solve problems and help society take responsibility as a whole. In this way, the KWR can create policy and manage people in a manner that the entire organization reaches a new standard of excellence.

What to Avoid

In our experience, any job that requires a KWR to make decisions quickly without all the information can be a grind, even a liability. This also depends completely upon the expectations of an organization. For example, I have worked with many project managers. As a project manager, the KWR rarely demonstrates expediency. This was very frustrating for some. They simply took too long to make decisions quickly when a project had a deadline and tight budget. That being said however, when a project manager was required for a very technical project that required absolute precision, the KWR is your hero. This means the KWR makes an exceptional engineer.

Another area to avoid is any job that really requires aggressive selling or influence. It’s just not in the KWR’s DNA to impose upon others. So for example, in sales, the KWR simply would not be good at pushing an impulse or emotional buy. But if you needed a sales person that required presenting copious amounts of detail in an approachable manner, again, the KWR can be your hero. My mortgage broker is a KWR. I completely trust him because of how precise his communication is and how safe he makes me feel when navigating the details of a deal.

The New Science

Today, one of the hottest careers is in data sciences. Big data and analytics are a reality in our technology-driven world. Data scientists are being employed everywhere from sports teams to social media. The KWR has the ability to gather data, manage and analyze it. Again, all with a high level of precision. This includes working with algorithms and machine learning. They also will go learn and stay on the cutting edge of trends and new techniques. Watch for this career and industry to explode even more. Go check out a company called Palantir Technologies (estimated worth of $9 billion as of 2014) for some perspective.

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