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Creating a Social Media Brand and Personality for an IAF/KWR #BrandCulture

Can MDNA be used to launch a social media career? Yes!

I recently provided some coaching for a young man named Dorian looking to do just that. He’s had recent success doing social media personally, but now wants to do it full time. Here is a snap of my note book during the meeting.


The IAF/KWR Social Media Brand

Dorian is an IAF/KWR. (Intuitive Alignment & Fulfillment/Knowledgeable Wisdom & Responsibility) His focus is becoming a social media personality doing reviews and creating content for the motorsports industry. Here is how his MDNA breaks down to help him with social media.

When the top two MDNA gifts combine, you create a Motivational Value System (MVS). Your MVS really drives why you do what you do. This includes social media. The MVS has a primary and secondary MDNA gift. We consider the primary gift as your “promise” and the secondary your “personality,” which is how you deliver your promise.

The IAF is all about intuitive alignment and emotional fulfillment. When I ask Dorian why he loves motorsports, he speaks exclusively about the “exhilaration” and “emotional connection between human and vehicle.” Total IAF.

The KWR typically has a very precise and quirky personality that can be quite approachable and humorous. Dorian has a reputation for combining his opinions with a very quirky delivery style.

Emotional Quirky

Combining the two together, we crafted a Brand Culture statement of “Emotional Quirky.”

In all content, Dorian will share his emotional connection to the vehicles he reviews. This is his promise. He will also ask others to share their own emotional connections. To Dorian, there is no greater feeling in motorsports than pinning the gas pedal. This is why his tagline and hashtag will be #2thefloor which will be a call for others to join the conversation of how it feels to enjoy motorsports the same way he Dorian does.

Then Dorian will incorporate a quirky and opinionated delivery. There will humor. He was able to see from his analytics that all his previous content that incorporated quirky humor gained the most traction.

Will it work? If Dorian delivers his Brand Culture promise and personality consistently, sticking to his MDNA, and integrating proper social media best practices, it will. We’ll continue to track his progress and post an update here and there.

Hopefully this gives you a glimpse on how you can integrate MDNA into your own social media. Whether you are using social media for your own marketing, or social media is a desired career, synchronizing your intrinsic motivation and social DNA is the launching platform everybody needs.


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