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SSA Career Development: What Jobs Fit You? #MDNASSA

I am a big fan of everything SSA. I would love to be more SSA in my secondary MDNA. Easier said than done of course. And when it comes to the workforce, I am not shy saying we need more SSAs in every job and industry.


SSA: Sacrificial Service & Authority

Let me tell you an awesome story about the SSA. One time I was invited to train at a financial consulting company. They were having issues of turnover in new recruits and had me speak at a training session. Everybody did their MDNA assessments. The results were typical of a young group of aspiring financial consultants. Most were DLF (Dominion Leadership & Freedom) and CVS (Compelling Value & Stewardship).

However there was one assessment that came back SSA. I quickly inquired who it was and it turned out the result belonged to a very successful retiring consultant. In fact, he was the richest person in the room with the biggest portfolio. His desire was to help others succeed which is why he would show up at first-year training.

I suggested that possibly, the management should implement SSA training. The evidence was clear. The SSA is a servant leader. And when it comes to clients trusting someone with their money, the retiring consultant’s success was undeniable.

Unfortunately my recommendation fell upon deaf ears. This is probably why I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder when it comes to the respect I feel the SSA deserves.

Leadership Platforms and Authority

As mentioned, the SSA is designed to be a servant leader. How one sacrifices and serves is how others will follow and serve them as a leader. The SSA is without hidden agendas when it comes to leadership. They would never use authority for their own gain which is why they make such great leaders.

That is, if they are willing to accept the authority granted to them.

Often the SSA is so busy just executing they don’t want to be a leader or manager. They shy away from the spotlight by their intrinsic motivation and social DNA. Often you will find an SSA promoted to management only to be miserable. They lack confidence in themselves.

However, if an SSA is willing to operate in leadership authority, they will create other leaders by building platforms of success underneath their team. What CEO or president wouldn’t want that in their organization?

This is why the SSA can pretty much do anything when it comes to a career. We will always need servant leaders. It doesn’t matter what industry or profession. I realize it is common for SSAs to thrive in areas like customer service and administration. But there are SSAs breaking this mold and making a difference in professional arenas, often completely off the radar.

Don’t Avoid the Spotlight!

There really is no career path the SSA should avoid. But if being in front of others and the spotlight kills you, this is something you need to manage. I have meet many SSAs that are horrified when they are recognized in front of peers. The issue is, if you are unwilling to be recognized, your leadership will only go so far. The workplace operates on systems of recognition, both extrinsic and intrinsic. When you are recognized and given authority, receive it and then channel it into becoming a more effective leader.

With all that being said, the only area in which I don’t see the SSA excelling,is when the social spotlight is the job. For example, I don’t see an SSA as a stand-up comedian or professional speaker. However, comedy and speaking can be used to serve others. Just not being the actual job itself. But most likely the true SSA would never consider that path anyway.

Don’t be Taken Advantage of!

The SSA tends to be exploited. They can be treated more like a servant than servant leader. Always look for opportunities that contain upward mobility. As much as you are loyal to leadership, don’t enable dysfunctional management structures. Know when to draw professional boundaries.

Most of all, continue being a servant leader. If you are an SSA, the world needs more of you. Yes, you are known for your sacrifice and service. But ton’t forget the authority. They all go hand-in-hand.

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