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UCD Career Development – What jobs fit you? #MDNAUCD

I was approached by a young lady asking as a UCD what jobs would be right for her. The conversation got me thinking so I decided to create a series on career development going through each of the MDNA gifts. This series should also help managers and HR professionals understand how to keep employees engaged.


UCD: Unyielding Conviction & Design

First and foremost, any MDNA gift can excel at any career. But there are certain aspects of careers that fit the intrinsic motivation and social DNA of the UCD more than others.

Any career that involves problem solving and strategy is right up the UCD alley. The UCD is able to go from nothing to something, especially if there is chaos or disorganization. The UCD also problem solves using different approaches really well.

For example, let’s take the financial services industry. Can a UCD be an excellent financial advisor? Absolutely. But how they approach financial management will be from a strategic problem solving perspective. They will present new perspectives and ideologies to clients that they might not have considered.

What is most important is that the UCD believes in the ideology of the career. This needs to have integrity from the leadership of an organization or industry all the way down. If there is ideological tension, the UCD will kill the career on purpose.

For example, as a UCD, the young lady I was speaking with had a career going in the medical industry. But she had a crisis of ideology after she realized her role was not really aligning to her convictions. She couldn’t just keep working for the money or even just to help people who needed it. What she was doing to make money was not enough. The ideology and paradigm of why and how she was working was important.

Design & Innovative Paradigms

To really unlock the career potential of a UCD, one must learn design. By this, I do not mean aesthetic design. This is all about how something works. Again, back to our young lady, she first got into the medical industry because she was excited about learning biological design. It was intrinsically motivating for her to learn how the human body worked in relation to her professional field. The same would go for the financial industry. If a UCD spent time learning about financial systems and how economies worked, they could design investment plans that tapped their intrinsic motivation and social DNA.

This brings us to Innovative Paradigms which is the core competence of the UCD. Once a UCD knows how something is designed to work, they can approach their jobs in new ways based upon ideologies. For example, the UCD may champion a new approach to financial investing based upon convictions and insights others do not yet see. This innovative paradigm could be used to solve problems and create strategies at a whole new level.

As a UCD, this is where I camp. My day is filled with research and development. I cannot stand doing anything the traditional way. I want to figure out how something works, then create a whole strategy based upon my own unyielding convictions and design. This gives me the greatest fulfillment and therefore sets me up for success. I create value for companies and people that need an innovative paradigm shift. I love showing clients how they are designed, solve problems and reach their potential.

A UCD can apply the principles of design and innovative paradigms to any career.

What to Avoid

Quite frankly, people represent our greatest area of potential disengagement. The UCD does not need social connection to be effective. In fact, if a UCD was surrounded by people all day and was expected to be social 24/7, without time alone, they would die. This is where customer service can be an issue. Now if you want a UCD to solve a customer issue problem with a new strategy, you got it! But asking them to solve that same problem, dealing with people, the same way day-in and day-out, you will have issues.

Again, don’t ask the UCD to preserve tradition either. Telling a UCD that they cannot make changes, because it’s the way something has always been done, is giving them a slow death over time.

Finally, as alluded to earlier, if you as a UCD are going into a career that requires you to compromise convictions, you will not last. You are not designed for ideological tension without the ability to fix it or be a catalyst for change. For example, politics will only be for you if you’re willing to campaign for a cause by challenging stagnant tradition. Forget attempting to be politically correct and making everybody happy. It’s not you and never will be you.

As a UCD, if you can clearly align the why of a career with your convictions, you will succeed and be fulfilled. Combine this with the principles of design and innovative paradigms, look out! You just might change the world. I hope you do!

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