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#HIITO: High Intensity Interval Time & Transformation Optimization

An IAF and DLF Running a Company Together #MDNAi

In this series we will see how intrinsic motivation and social DNA play a part when two different MDNA gifts interact.


A company that we have been working with has an IAF (Intuitive Alignment and Fulfillment) and DLF (Dominion Leadership & Freedom) leadership at the helm. He, the IAF, is the founder and primary service provider. She, the DLF, is the administrator in charge of the operations. Some interesting dynamics occur, especially when it comes to making decisions and building the business.

We have two tips based upon the personal experience of our two friends. This will focus on leadership and human resources.

The IAF must allow the DLF to bring systems into the business.

The IAF really prefers to lead from the heart and gut. They look at every detail and keep it all swirling in their minds with 360 degree thinking. To the IAF, decisions require emotional processing. They need to feel right. They see a vision of excellence and have no problem applying their creative intuition and alignment to fulfill this vision. They get involved.

The issue is the IAF can get overwhelmed with details and emotions when it comes to running a business. This is particularly true when it comes to growing and scaling. This is where the DLF shines. The DLF is all about scalable systems of leadership required for others to experience freedom. This freedom comes from the business running itself and growing bigger and better.

The DLF is not interested in feelings as much as execution and organization. This is where the IAF cannot take things personally. The DLF is not going to crush the IAF vision of excellence even though it may feel like it to the IAF. It’s just the DLF knows things need to get done and systems are the best way to get there. Yes, systems do not have the same personal touch. But the better systems you have, the more stable a business is and less dependent upon specific individuals. The DLF also understands that the best systems have consequences even though it may not feel great for employees. Sometimes an IAF can allow employees to break boundaries because they are being too sensitive and don’t want to hurt anybody. Consequences that create discipline should be embraced and systems are a way to make that happen.

In this case, our IAF has learned to give leadership to the DLF and allow systems to flow regardless of how he feels about them. That is how this particular business suffered the economic downturn and has been growing the last few years.

The DLF must allow for the IAF intuition.

The IAF is wired for relationships. In this case, relationships with employees. In this company, the DLF allows the IAF to at anytime make exceptions to certain systems based upon his intuition on the engagement of their employees. He is keenly aware of how everybody feels at any given time. And even though sometimes following the system is best for efficiency and productivity, she has learned that empathy goes a long way. This is why, as long as the system is the baseline, she allows him to make changes for the sake of the team.

Our IAF and DLF have also learned to work together in this manner during meetings with employees and clients. Sometimes she, as a DLF, takes over to delegate and execute in accordance to systems. But she also knows when to step aside and let him, the IAF, take things to a personal level and listen with empathy before going into do-do-do mode. Both styles are extremely important depending upon the context and circumstance.

The IAF and DLF can be a powerful team. But they can also misunderstand each other’s Motivational Value Systems and how to best impact the social DNA and Brand Culture of a company in unity. As long as there is respect, communication and the common language the MDNA framework provides, business can thrive versus just survive.

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