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DLF Dating and Romance #MDNADLF

DLF: Dominion Leadership & Freedom


We are curious to see how MDNA affects dating and romantic relationships. Just like in any social situation, people can approach the same circumstance from completely unique perspectives. Every MDNA gift approaches dating and romance differently. These differences can cause either unnecessary misunderstanding or add a unique variety of opportunities for a deeper connection through mutual acceptance.

After observing people in different relational situations (married, single, divorced, etc.) and listening to their stories, we have the following advice that may be of assistance in the increasingly complex world of dating and romance. This is by no means complete. But, we hope it will give you just a little more confidence.

If You Are DLF

If you are a DLF, a romantic relationship may seem more like a sweeping epic cinematic adventure, more than a romantic comedy. If healthy, and depending upon the phase of your life, you are not afraid of the institutional side of relationships represented by building towards marriage and family. But, the trap is this may be perceived as domination instead of the strong leadership it’s meant to be. The key is to completely forget about any type of positional power in your relationship. Be available as a life-giver instead of an relational “empire builder.” Don’t worry. There will be ample opportunity to rely on your core strengths to mature the relationship so your partner can experience freedom. Just remember that not everybody can grow and be as functional at the pace you are used to.

DLFs also tend to really enjoy a lot of activity and can pack in the adventure when in a relationship. You are as busy as you want to be and can balance career, leisure and other interests. Remember not everybody is as driven as you are. They may try to keep up but be sensitive when they need some down-time. You don’t always have to be the boss or in control. Let them lead you now and then. And when they are leading, make room for their growth and be patient with what you see as faults.

If They Are DLF

If you are in a relationship with a DLF, remember that loyalty is a critical quality. Think of it this way, for an empire-builder to be fulfilled there must be an empire to build and rule. This may sound sort of like Game of Thrones, but it’s not that far off. Accept your role as a vital part of the plan and always keep an eye on the big picture. Remember that leaders need compassion too; no matter how perfect they attempt to appear. The DLF will also tend to want to administrate the relationship. That’s OK. Don’t take it as control but also maintain healthy boundaries and don’t let yourself get run over. Also accept that the DLF is always trying to mature the relationship in some form. You may not like having your weaknesses exposed; but if you are committed to the relationship, learn to accept this as a benefit because the DLF will be just as loyal for it. Let them be who they are and enjoy the relational kingdom you build together.

Don’t be afraid to share when you need to slow things down a notch. Enjoy the adventure and the action. Let it challenge you. But at the same time, make sure you stay within your own rhythms and be open to sharing them. They will understand.

Potential Chemistry

The DLF benefits particularly from a healthy and mature UCD. The secret is in the ability of the UCD to present truth and principles while accepting more of a background role. Unfortunately, the other profiles can become easily offended if they are not mature. The immature SSA tends to get overrun and subjugated by the DLF without healthy boundaries. The immature CVS can be way too independent and even offended by the core nature of the DLF. The immature IAF can also go into lockdown; out of shame or stubbornness. Regardless, the DLF really has the ability to grow with all healthy the gifts and be a tremendous resource for everybody’s benefit.

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