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#HIITO: High Intensity Interval Time & Transformation Optimization

CVS Dating and Romance #MDNACVS

CVS: Compelling Vision & Stewardship


We are curious to see how MDNA affects dating and romantic relationships. Just like in any social situation, people can approach the same circumstance from completely unique perspectives. Every MDNA gift approaches dating and romance differently. These differences can cause either unnecessary misunderstanding or add a unique variety of opportunities for a deeper connection through mutual acceptance.

After observing people in different relational situations (married, single, divorced, etc.) and listening to their stories, we have the following advice that may be of assistance in the increasingly complex world of dating and romance. This is by no means complete. But, we hope it will give you just a little more confidence.

If You Are CVS

If you are a CVS, you have the ability to attract and, generally, get along with everybody. You have all the resources you need to experience the most of what all relationships have to offer. You are generous—almost to a fault. You can be fun and handle a diversity of situations. You enjoy giving the best, but you either: A) expect the same in return; or B) value your time and privacy so much you can go for long periods of time independently. Remember, they call it a relationship for a reason. You must be prepared to take risks and make the necessary time and resource commitments. That other person will not be relationally managed the way you are used to or the way you expect. It isn’t fair to them or, ultimately, to you.

Also, while you disdain being confronted with issues that are more than a week old, this is necessary for a healthy relationship. You also don’t see things black and white like others might. Be aware of when you are coming across as arrogant because you are not as convicted on an issue. A relationship is not a transaction. It is a partnership. This means you should take some risks and be open and vulnerable. We always need people in our lives. It’s OK to need people.

If They Are CVS

If you are in a relationship with a CVS, accept that they are always looking for current or future value in all they do. They are always seeking to move forward and might be insensitive to feelings in the process. Don’t be deterred by their independence. They also like to be private so be patient as they open up. Give them their space but don’t let them fall into comfort. Gently press in and encourage them to take small risks at first until they feel comfortable with the bigger ones. Also, remember the CVS always likes to keep their options open as long as possible. It is in their nature. Just accept it.

Potential Chemistry

As mentioned, the CVS can synergize very nicely with the other motivational profiles. The CVS can learn something from all of them—the tougher the match, the more potential benefit. For example, the CVS has a hard time accepting the risks an UCD is willing to take based upon principles. And the black and white opinionated nature of the UCD can clash with the “nothing-is-black-and-white-but-shades-of-gray” approach of the CVS. At the same time, the DLF represents a maturing presence to the CVS ability of birthing initiatives. This can be quite uncomfortable and put the CVS on the defensive. But, in the end, the relational return on investment from all parties is always worth it.

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