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EIA Dating and Romance #MDNAEIA

EIA: Empowering Inspiration & Attraction


We are curious to see how MDNA affects dating and romantic relationships. Just like in any social situation, people can approach the same circumstance from completely unique perspectives. Every MDNA gift approaches dating and romance differently. These differences can cause either unnecessary misunderstanding or add a unique variety of opportunities for a deeper connection through mutual acceptance.

After observing people in different relational situations (married, single, divorced, etc.) and listening to their stories, we have the following advice that may be of assistance in the increasingly complex world of dating and romance. This is by no means complete. But, we hope it will give you just a little more confidence.

If You Are EIA

If you are an EIA, you can be a thrilling romantic and an egotistical maniac at the same time. The EIA always has the right words for encouragement, especially during conflict. You are fun, don’t mind the social spotlight and can draw people out of their shells. Some consider you a party waiting to happen and you are great at making any date an experience to remember. At the same time, you must be careful because those very words can be overly self-centered and filled with empty promises. But, the biggest fear you must overcome in a relationship is worrying too much about whether or not that person genuinely likes you. This can lead to compromising what you know is best; just to settle for something that is average or good. You must learn to accept the realities—whether positive or negative—of your relationship at all times and deal with them accordingly. You want to be judged on your intentions. But the quality of a relationship can’t be built upon intentions alone. Don’t be afraid of rejection when faced with making the right choice.

If They Are EIA

If you are in a relationship with an EIA, you must accept that they are a quintessential people person. They don’t enjoy being alone and don’t always understand if you need some personal space. Be mindful of what can be perceived as rejection. You may need to continually reaffirm that you like them which will make their hearts sing. Always be upfront and courteous with what you are feeling. Don’t let them spin the reality of a situation. Be firm and get them to think things through. Also, accept that you may have to relationally share the EIA with their groups of friends. Remember, they are always a party that’s waiting to happen; whether in front of a crowd or a select group. But most importantly, enjoy the experience! Have fun.

Potential Chemistry

The EIA can fall into the trap of exploiting and manipulating other MDNA gifts that are more emotional-based such as the SSA and IAF. In particular, the EIA and the IAF can become very co-dependent and dysfunctional if both are experiencing full Legitimacy Gaps. The EIA also does not always appreciate the privacy a CVS requires. And, EIA/EIA relationships tend to be a lot of fun but can fizzle out quickly unless some of the secondary MDNA gifts have greater influence. We have seen the KWR be able to go toe-to-toe and challenge the EIA intellectually to take responsibility.

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