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KWR Dating and Romance #MDNAKWR

KWR: Knowledgeable Wisdom & Responsibility


We are curious to see how MDNA affects dating and romantic relationships. Just like in any social situation, people can approach the same circumstance from completely unique perspectives. Every MDNA gift approaches dating and romance differently. These differences can cause either unnecessary misunderstanding or add a unique variety of opportunities for a deeper connection through mutual acceptance.

After observing people in different relational situations (married, single, divorced, etc.) and listening to their stories, we have the following advice that may be of assistance in the increasingly complex world of dating and romance. This is by no means complete. But, we hope it will give you just a little more confidence.

If You Are KWR

If you are a KWR, you love being intellectually stimulated and feeling validated for your mind. You have a good—if not a bit quirky—sense of humour. Remember your approachability is what has attracted the opposite sex to you in the first place. Don’t put the relationship at risk by having to be right, or having to know every piece of information, at all times. Nobody enjoys feeling like they are constantly on a date with a walking Wikipedia. And remember, others don’t need as much information as you to make decisions. Your partner may be more spontaneous so just go with it. Be aware if they get frustrated with your need to know everything. Avoid analysis paralysis. Also, and possibly most important, make sure you take responsibility for your part in the relationship. If you are late, apologize and fix it. If you make an offensive comment, apologize and fix it. Whatever faux-pas you commit, apologize and fix it! To put it more bluntly, don’t make it about you. If you do, inevitably resentment will sink into the relationship.

If They Are KWR

If you are in a relationship with a KWR, you must learn to balance respect for their mind and the accountability to your heart. Don’t get caught up in any legalism or doctrine. You must be willing to confront them gently and ask them to take responsibility for their part to make the relationship work; while validating the wisdom they have to offer. Enjoy their quirkiness and remember they need to be intellectually stimulated. They also typically need rational time to process decisions. So if they aren’t making decisions quick enough for you, have patience or evaluate how you can help them.

Potential Chemistry

The KWR, for the sake of relational fulfillment, absolutely needs a partner who is willing to be confrontational. This is where an unhealthy and immature SSA, EIA and IAF can present potential traps and even lead to co-dependency. The UCD and the DLF may also be too harsh, but it’s better than the alternative. We have seen the KWR have great chemistry with all the other MDNA if they are healthy and mature in taking responsibility.

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