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#HIITO: High Intensity Interval Time & Transformation Optimization

UCD Dating and Romance #MDNAUCD

UCD: Unyielding Conviction & Design


We are curious to see how MDNA affects dating and romantic relationships. Just like in any social situation, people can approach the same circumstance from completely unique perspectives. Every MDNA gift approaches dating and romance differently. These differences can cause either unnecessary misunderstanding or add a unique variety of opportunities for a deeper connection through mutual acceptance.

After observing people in different relational situations (married, single, divorced, etc.) and listening to their stories, we have the following advice that may be of assistance in the increasingly complex world of dating and romance. This is by no means complete. But, we hope it will give you just a little more confidence.

If You Are UCD

If you are a UCD, you have an ideology to the way you approach relationships. So watch your tendency to constantly judge your date or romantic partner because of this. It’s not hard for you to see their faults; especially, their insecurities. You may constantly be pointing out how to fix problems by explaining why they are problems in the first place. You can also be opinionated during conversations about pretty much any topic. Try to give any potential partner the benefit of the doubt and be forgiving of what you perceive as their shortcomings. Learn to value direction over perfection. Don’t think about how they can be fixed. Just try to enjoy the relationship for what it is—one step at a time. You should also listen to your heart if you need some time alone. This will let you recharge.

If They Are UCD

If you are in a relationship with a UCD, let them be opinionated but don’t take it personally. Don’t be afraid of tackling deep topics and be prepared for a joust over your convictions. Remember, they are ideologically driven and they want to know what you really believe. Always ask what they think and validate their feelings on issues. Apologizing and taking responsibility is also a key skill that will impress the UCD. It shows you resonate with their convictions. But make sure you are sincere. Don’t play games. Shoot straight. Be honest. Accept you are growing. But, don’t back down from who you are. They will respect you more for it. Also don’t be surprised if they need time alone or don’t like hanging around with groups of people even if they are friends. It’s not you. It’s them–really.

Potential Chemistry

The UCD tends to attract the IAF. These gifts are so opposite they balance each other quite nicely. The IAF tends to take the edginess out of the UCD if the UCD is open to it. They can also be quite hard on each other; but ultimately opposites do attract for a reason—they keep each other humble! This is the same with the UCD paired with the CVS. It can be a disastrous combination but has the potential for tremendous growth for both partners. The UCD also compliments the DLF particularly well. And this profile can get frustrated with the doctrinal approach of the KWR.

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