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Is the EIA Better at Sales or Social Media? #MDNAEIA

I recently helped a certified MDNA consultant with recruiting for a sales position. This had me thinking. One of the natural assumptions is that the EIA is the best MDNA gift to look for when it comes to sales or social media. After all, EIA does stand for empowering inspiration and attraction.


A word of caution here if you are looking at this from an HR and hiring perspective. Generally speaking, every MDNA gift has the ability to excel in any job role. The difference is how they are engaged and intrinsically motivated based upon their Motivational Value Systems. For example, every gift makes for excellent teachers, not just KWR. However why and how each gift approaches teaching is different.

With that being said, let’s break down the EIA gift when it comes to sales and social media.


The pros for an EIA, when it comes to sales, is their ability to attract networks and make connections. A healthy EIA can walk into a room and get everybody’s attention and eventually, if desired, doing business with them in some form. This is especially powerful when asking an EIA to make sales and seek referrals within their pre-existing social network.

The issues with an EIA here are around the legitimacy gap of an EIA. An EIA can fall into the trap of thinking, “I am only legitimate when people like and want to be around me.” Basically, this means that if someone doesn’t like an EIA, they can lose confidence. Therefore an EIA, without the right character and personal development, can be afraid of rejection to the point where sales capacity is diminished. This is especially true if you ask an EIA to make cold calls.

Instead of busting down the door and giving a pitch-on-the-fly, the EIA often prefers to build relationally first. Then when everybody has had the right social experience, they ask for an opportunity to pitch. Obviously this works wonders in some sales situations and horribly in others.

Don’t be surprised if an EIA tells you, “I hate sales.” To many EIAs, depending upon their experience, sales is the exact thing that kills relationships. The EIA needs to learn that being rejected in sales has absolutely no bearing upon their personal self-worth or character. Rejection is just part of the process which can be learned for effectiveness by any EIA.

So which MDNA gifts are best for sales? It all depends on what you are selling. I have seen all the gifts thrive if the product or service fits their Motivational Value Systems.

Social Media

As with sales, one would think EIAs would be great at social media. And there is no doubt that the typical EIA has more connections on social media than anybody else. And again, as with sales, this all really depends on what you want out of the social media.

I know a young EIA gal who is an absolute maven when it comes to social media. She can take any campaign and get you a crowd. Her clients have told me stories of the miraculous wonders of her EIA gift at work. She is outgoing but most importantly understands how to create a social experience using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. But you know what her real secret is? She is the utmost social professional in real life. Social media is simply an extension of who she is and what she does. When I sit and meet with her, I just feel like I need to stay connected and maintain a professional and mutually beneficial relationship.

The issue I have seen is that an EIA can become disorganized when it comes to the execution and results that social media requires. The EIA may be able to whip up a crowd, but can they steer that crowd to generate ROI? In other words, getting somebody to connect is one thing, but can you convert? And again and again, just like with sales, one can be rejected on social media (not to mention very badly because the internet is full of haters). This has to be reconciled.

In my opinion, the EIA works best in a social media team. When the EIA has a clear strategy and is willing to stay organized, optimization occurs. But if you can only have one, the EIA needs a clear execution strategy and support to stay focused.

The IAF Dark Horse

Taking a bit of a risk and somewhat reneging on my previous statement that all MDNA gifts can be good at any job, let me throw a ringer into the mix.

I have seen the IAF produce some amazing results in sales and social media. The IAF not only has the ability to make a social connection, but they have the intuitive sense on what that prospect needs to feel confident and close the deal. Potential customers and clients seem to magically just, personally and professionally, open up.

This also occurs with social media when it comes to creating content. I recently hired an IAF for a client and his content was something special. He simply had a way to create content that people could feel from the heart. He was also quite accomplished at sales as well.

Don’t get me wrong, the IAF can fall into many traps and more often than not, the same fear of rejection. Or they can let their emotions get the best of them. But this is simply just another opportunity for personal character development.

Now an EIA and IAF working together in sales and social media? Look out!

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