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User Feedback: The SSA and Short vs. Long-Term Goals #MDNASSA

We are constantly soliciting feedback from our users to improve the MDNA assessment. This feedback also provides excellent data and learning opportunities for the MDNA community.


We received some feedback from an individual that scored SSA/CVS.

The analysis was generally accurate, but I did not agree with one of the personality traits. Based on your analysis, SSA personality tends to focus on the short-term goal. However, I am really driven by long-term goal throughout my life, and I always encourage others to create the long-term plans to achieve their goals. I believe I am a server, and servers need to be patient and look at everything long term, rather than short term.

We completely agree that every individual should create long-term plans to achieve goals. And yes, absolutely, if you want to be a servant leader, you must be patient and always have a long-term perspective.

It is important to understand that the SSA is primarily wired to meet immediate and tangible needs first. For example, if an SSA walks by a dirty kitchenette in the office, they intrinsically are wired to clean it up without even being assigned or asked. Or in another example, if a co-worker is home sick, the SSA will inquire what they can provide immediately such as a meal or taking on the day’s tasks at the office.

Once the short term goal is completed, they can focus on serving for long-term success. An SSA would never wait and think, “We should hold a meeting and find out who made this kitchen dirty and then I will sign up to clean it,” or, “I need to report to my co-worker’s boss and when she gets back, we can organize what wasn’t done and who it should have been delegated to.” (These examples are bit extreme but not too far off what actually happens in a poor office culture.)

One of the ways we are able to quickly identify an SSA is exactly this focus on short-term goals over long-term planning. This doesn’t mean long-term planning does not happen. It simply means this is the first response based upon an SSA Motivational Value System. This is why we all love having SSAs on the team because of their high propensity for immediate  tangible action without getting bogged down by thinking too far down the road as other MDNA gifts can do.

In addition, after interacting with this user, we learned that she was a student and also from another country. These two factors could have provided the social and cultural influence to value long-term planning. Also, we can factor in the CVS secondary which also looks for long-term value in relation to immediate tasks. This doesn’t negate the SSA gift, but rather is a combination of intrinsic motivation for a healthy outlook on servant leadership.

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