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How the CVS Leads a Community of Purpose #MDNACVS

Continuing our community leadership series, let’s look at how a CVS is intrinsically motivated to lead others with purpose.

Every Tuesday night, I participate in a wonderful local group that call themselves, “The Builder’s Project.” The name implies that the community of twenty-plus individuals are being builders of social value versus just consumers. Initially they asked me for MDNA training but the relationship blossomed into something more for me which was unexpected. I decided to join them.

Mary and Jenna are a mother-daughter leadership team. They are both primary CVS. There are some unique intrinsic motivators behind how they lead the community every week.


Access to Value

The core competence and brand culture of a CVS is “Valued Accessibility.” This basically means a CVS desires to see everybody have access to something of value. This is basically why Bill Gates, when founding Microsoft, envisioned a computer in every home. In the Builder’s Project, this means every member receives several resources Mary and Jenna have curated. This for us comes in the form of training material including CDs, articles from other organizations and even a binder to collect it all.

On a side note, Jenna happens to operate a distribution department for a leadership development group. She basically provides access to her organization’s value by shipping materials across Canada and bringing in speakers to local venues. She experiences tremendous fulfillment from this and expresses her CVS Motivational Value System daily. I have personally ordered products from her and I can attest to the joy it is doing business with a CVS in this manner.

Measuring ROI

When I sat with Mary and Jenna, one of the reasons why they started The Builder’s Project is their frustration with communities that just gather for social connection alone. They needed to see value generated from their time. They also don’t mind challenging others to measure personal ROI in relation to time invested. To the CVS, this is extremely important. ROI does not have to be the ultimate purpose, but it is a way to keep track of progress–especially when it comes to time which to the CVS is the most valuable resource of all. This is why the Builder’s Project was actually born out of a previous community group that met in their home (which is also another way they resourced the community).

On another side note, Mary’s secondary MDNA gift is UCD. This means she has no problem in delivering her CVS promise in a blunt, black and white personality. She is also very sensitive to individuals in personal denial and even hypocrisy. She fully admits that some of the community felt a touch hurt when they were making the transition to The Builder’s Project. This is why taking secondary MDNA gifts is also important.

No Problems with Multiple Points of Leadership

The CVS, more than any other MDNA gift, has the ability to work with anybody regardless of ideological differences. Everybody does not have to agree in order to work together and be productive. This is why they enlist the assistance of multiple points of leadership which is also a way to provide more value. And consistent to the CVS, Mary and Jenna have no problem playing whatever leadership role, foreground or background, that is required. This is the CVS diversity and flexibility at work.

It’s been really interesting and personally beneficial to spend time with Mary, Jenna and their community. Every week, there is a different resource to access. And not only do I feel connected to the group, I generally feel there is strong balance of value and ROI being generated.

I will continue to experience and share any additional insights for those learning MDNA here. Just like the CVS, I am happy to provide access to as much value as possible.

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