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How a DLF Builds a Community of Purpose #MDNADLF

I have the pleasure of working with some really cool people with amazing social leadership and vision for their community. I am often asked to use MDNA to help their community understand how they are wired and how they can relate to each other on deeper intrinsic levels.

One husband and wife leadership team I am working with is building a spiritual community. This community is tacking local social issues like counselling and prostitution to international projects around persecution of people groups and inner cities in developing nations. I am going to keep their names anonymous because they prefer it and also to protect the privacy of individuals they are helping.

The main visionary for this community is a DLF. She is a dynamic leader that believes in the core value “Love no matter what.” I spend time with her weekly and here are some insights as to how she uses her MDNA to build a community of purpose.


Go Big or Go Home

A DLF will always think “How can this be bigger and better?” This doesn’t mean it should be bigger or better, but DLFs are intrinsically motivated to go there with everything. When you ask this leader the purpose of her community, her answer is simply, “World domination.” And those around her immediately say, “She is not kidding.” Her vision is global and that motivates her.

Systems for Scale

This community uses a lot of assessments to find out where people fit and thrive. Sometimes this is met with objection by individuals that are wired for more of an intimate touch. And while she is willing to listen to those that don’t want to be put into a box without having a personal conversation about it, she really is not swayed. The reason for this is a competent DLF will always prefer systems to scale vision and execution. A DLF focuses on the function of the many versus the personal preference of a few. This obviously has its ups and downs. Thankfully our DLF leader has learned to accept people where they are at without sacrificing systems to get things done.

Anybody Can be Competent and a Leader

DLFs choose loyalty over competence. This means that if you are committed to them, and they are committed to you, your level of competence does not matter. This community is well known for taking individuals that would never get a chance to lead in other organizations and give them a chance to grow in character and skill. I once told her, “I feel like you are asking me to train a professional sports team with nothing but bench warmers and replacement players.” Her response was an emphatic, “Yesssss!”

Structures for Freedom

To this DLF, her community is not a resort or retreat center. She sees it as an aircraft carrier where everybody has signed up for duty, is armed and dangerous and plays an important in running the ship. There is a sense of structure that gives people the freedom to be who they were designed to be. This structure is armored protecting them and the communities they serve. Anybody, no matter what background or issue can “land” on the aircraft carrier. This structure affords individuals to work towards emotional freedom by providing systems and resources to access. If you want to work with a DLF, you have to accept there must be structure or else they will not feel free.

DLFs have no problem being challenged on their leadership. This is why understanding the intrinsic motivations and social DNA of these leaders goes a long way in achieving world domination.

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