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Is There an Unhappiness Epidemic at Work? (From My Recent Experience Yes!)

In my work with employee engagement, some really interesting response data has come in. But one of the most important things I have discovered is how negative and unhappy people are at work.

One of the things I ask is for a daily reflection on something positive that happened in the last 24 hours. First, some are finding it really hard to spare 5 minutes a day to reflect on the positive. To be blunt, this isn’t because people are that busy, but because first, it isn’t a priority, and second, it’s hard for them to find the positive in such negativity.

Fact: Happiness Requires Discipline

Second, the users that are taking advantage of this 5 minutes are seeing the benefits. They email me all hours of the day. It doesn’t become just a work thing. They just see how just thinking and speaking positive is having an impact. But also they tell me they realize how negative everybody else at work can be all the time.

When you look at the stats of how disengaged employees are, you can just imagine the levels of unhappiness that accompany this. Unhappiness kills productivity. I had a coaching call with a shop manager that totally affirmed this today.

I once heard this described as an epidemic. I now totally believe it to be true.

We are now battling the unhappiness at work epidemic. Imagine if everybody a work was infused with positivity and possibility. It’s all about gratitude isn’t it? If we can’t be grateful even for the small things just 5 minutes-a-day, how will we ever experience true success and fulfillment?

Maybe this is why we take so much for granted compared to other that have so little?

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