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MDNA Celebrity Profile: Elon Musk (Paypal / Tesla / SpaceX) – DLF

Will the man that brought you Paypal make it possible for life on Mars?

Please note that these are unofficial profiles only and have not been verified. Description is only based upon public information and may represent either primary or secondary MDNA profiles. This profile is intended for educational purposes only to demonstrate the possibilities of MDNA for those that have been personally assessed.

Elon Musk


DLF (Dominion Leadership & Freedom)

Elon Musk is an American business magnate, investor, and inventor. He is currently the CEO and CTO of SpaceX and CEO and Chief Product Architect of Tesla Motors. In March 1999, Musk co-founded X.com, an online financial services and e-mail payment company. One year later, Musk developed the person-to-person payment platform and renamed his company PayPal. In 2002, PayPal was acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion.

For those familiar with MDNA profiling, one might believe that Musk is a UCD (Unyielding Conviction & Design) because of his ability to invent and innovate. Or that he might be a CVS (Compelling Value & Stewardship) because of his experience with Paypal in the world of financial transactions. But upon closer examination of his true intrinsic motivations and current business ventures, we have profiled Musk as a DLF.

To the DLF, everything can always be bigger and better. Nothing gets bigger (there is much debate about the better) than life on Mars. His current partner is NASA. His goal is to “make humanity interplanetary” as a way of increasing the odds that human consciousness survives in the universe. In order for that to happen, Musk admits, “There will probably be a lot of people that die.” Musk has to. Just as a lot of people had to die in order to settle the New World, a lot would have to die in order to settle a red planet tens of millions of miles away. This is literally Musk’s personal “dominion mandate.”

This is important to understand about the DLF. The DLF, although often accused of being a tyrant that will exploit people to build an empire, understands the costs—often the human costs—of achieving greatness. The DLF is not afraid of the pain required for breakthrough and is willing to be vindicated by victory against even the heaviest of opposition.

Another key trait of the DLF is the core competence of scalable systems. In order to make anything bigger and better, you need systems. Here is a quote from Musk about getting to Mars that will give you an insight to the DLF mind:

“It would take six months to get to Mars if you go there slowly, with optimal energy cost. “Then it would take eighteen months for the planets to realign. Then it would take six months to get back, though I can see getting the travel time down to three months pretty quickly. Entirely manageable if America has the will.”

The DLF thrives under such pressure through an indomitable will. If there is no pressure, the DLF will go out and find some. Here is a quote that describes the will of the DLF from Justine Musk, his first wife and the mother of his five children:

“Elon is not afraid of breaking things — he will break himself if he has to.”

Musk is a leader. The DLF is not fulfilled unless they are the leader with the authority. Whether it is within an institution like a billion dollar business, or a family, Musk is a DLF through and through. In any partnership or investment he takes control. And if humanity is really going to even fathom life on Mars, without DLF leaders like Musk, this vision will remain nothing more than lofty science fiction.


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