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MDNA Celebrity Profile: Dana White (Ultimate Fighting Championship) – DLF

Please note that these are unofficial profiles only and have not been verified. Description is only based upon public information and may represent either primary or secondary MDNA profiles. This profile is intended for educational purposes only to demonstrate the possibilities of MDNA for those that have been personally assessed.

Dana White


DLF (Dominion Leadership & Freedom)

Dana White is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and the President of mixed martial arts (MMA) organization the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The UFC is the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world. The UFC was on the brink of bankruptcy when two brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta bought the business with partner Dana White that became president.

White has singlehandedly taken the obscure sport of MMA, referred to earlier as “human cockfighting,” into a UFC brand worth over a billion dollars. MMA was in fact banned in every state, but one, in the United States. Now, because of White and the popularity of the UFC, MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and outperforms the boxing industry on all levels.

The DLF profile is an empire builder. And if Dana White’s UFC isn’t an empire—built from literally nothing—we don’t know what is.

To the DLF, everything can be bigger and better—not just in business, but anything they are passionate about. The DLF does not mind being the boss thriving under pressure. And as a leader, the DLF accepts that authority and power are often necessary to reach the goal. This garners much respect, but the DLF can also be vilified by those that do not agree with such methods. Again, based upon countless interviews and anecdotes, this is Dana White.

Loyalty is also one of the most important core values for the DLF. Dana White is no exception here. White is extremely loyal to his employees and expects the same. This is an important trait of the DLF that those working with, and for these ambitious leaders, need to understand.

The UFC as a brand is all about the social experience. However to grow, the company needed scalable systems and a competitive strategy. White’s motivational DNA, as the DLF, provided this in spades. The way the UFC (often accused as being a monopoly) handles competition is another marker of White’s MDNA imprint. Competitors are either acquired, or put right out of business.

Like him or not, MMA needed Dana White and the UFC. In the same way, the world needs DLF individuals to take charge in dominion leadership and freedom.


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