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MDNA 2.0 Release Notes

We are excited to launch the MDNA Strategy 2.0! Here’s what’s new.

First, a huge thank-you to those that have been supporting the development of the MDNA Strategy for the past four years. Since MDNA 1.0, we have experienced nothing but positive reviews and numerous breakthroughs in the world of organizational culture. Here are a few highlights from 1.0 to 2.0 release:

Some Profiles Have Changed

CGS (Compelling Generosity & Stewardship) has changed to CVS (Compelling Value & Stewardship). MCF (Merciful Compassion & Fulfillment) has changed to IAF (Intuitive Alignment & Fulfillment). We felt the name changes better reflected the leadership qualities of these Motivational Profiles. And because of these changes, we felt that IEA (Inspirational Empowerment & Attraction) should be adjusted to EIA (Empowering Inspiration & Attraction) to avoid confusion with the IAF profile.

Improved Profile Resource Tools All Online

We delivered MDNA 1.0 via text book. Due to the virtual demand and wanting to be environmentally sustainable, we decided to deliver everything online for free. This way anybody can sign up for updates and we don’t have to wait to edit and publish new textbooks every time there is an update. You will also notice we have developed an advanced and far richer resource under each profile including synchronization scales, recommended action plans and synergies. This is based upon feedback from the hundreds of individuals that have been assessed and real-world best practices developed for organizations. Again, this is all online free of charge.

The main trade-off here is that we now only offer the MDNA personal assessment through the organization that requests it. This means that if you want your MDNA done, your organization needs to request the use of our new cloud-based online MDNA application called ‘Culture Console’. We are quite excited about what Culture Console can do for entire organizations. We’re working on a “general public” version of an online MDNA to hopefully be released soon. Right now our focus is on working with organizations and giving them clear competitive advantages for using the MDNA Strategy.

Obviously, whenever there is a new release, there are expected kinks to be ironed out. We have some exciting opportunities to test MDNA 2.0 out in real-world applications. We will be sure to communicate this as information becomes available.

Again, thank-you so much for everybody’s support. The contribution from our think-tanks and beta-testers has been invaluable. You know who you are. Enjoy!

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